Look Before You Leap! - North America Region - Webinar

Look Before You Leap! - North America Region - Webinar

Tuesday, October 20 - 12PM EDT - Duration: 45 Minutes

Content Agility demands your team be empowered to effectively coordinate activities, leverage existing content and digital assets, and plan and publish highly targeted content across multiple channels. File shares, emailing around Word docs, and tracking campaigns in spreadsheets just won’t cut it anymore; it’s time to modernize and optimize your team’s content capability; it’s time for Content Hub, but not so fast, look before you leap!

  • “We already have a WCMS; what’s the business case for a Content Marketing Platform?”
  • “What about our product data; do we need the PCM module?”
  • “How about the content migration process? How will that work?”
  • “What are the activities, stages and dependencies of a Content Hub project?”

You have questions, we’ve got answers! In this fast-paced session, we’ll provide digital marketing decision makers with the practical, field-tested guidance and tools they need to be able to embark on a Content Hub implementation with confidence.

If you have missed the webinar, here is a recording along with the transcribed text: Look Before You Leap Webinar

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