Jamstack.NET - Webinar

Jamstack.NET - Webinar

Thursday January 14 - 11AM EST - Duration: 1 Hour

Headless content management supports a paradigm shift in web application composition. This presentation will demonstrate and describe a simple solution architecture that uses the Contentstack SaaS headless CMS, Algolia hosted search, and ASP.NET to serve a React application that supports experience management features such as personalization, testing, and optimization. Technologies used include the Jamstack, ASP.NET Core, C#, REST, CMS, and search.

Where can I watch this webinar?

You can watch this webinar at the scheduled time on:

Who Should Attend?

This presentation will begin with a feature demonstration relevant to marketers to provide context for the entire session. The remainder is intended for developers, architects, and IT decision influencers interested in quickly obtaining an understanding of headless CMS, search, and relevant content delivery technologies.

What You’ll Learn

This presentation will compare and contrast a “static” headless solution with alternative architectures that involve application servers, indicating the advantages of an application server and ASP.NET specifically, and the architectures afforded by such a solution.



John West

John West

WSL, .NET 5, and SaaS Headless CMS Advocate

John has twenty years of experience with web content management, mostly using ASP.NET, including 12 years at Sitecore, a leading CMS, commerce, content hub, and experience management platform vendor.

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