Sitecore Content Hub Data Migration Service

Sitecore Content Hub Data Migration Service

Organizations choose Sitecore Content Hub in response to the inevitable Content Management Crisis that ensues as they strive to create the content at scale that is essential for powering a highly targeted, personalized customer experience (CX). By this time, they typically will have amassed large amounts of structured content, many gigabytes or terabytes of assets and a significant number of products and services.

Sitecore Content Hub Migration Partner

There are, of course, tools within Sitecore Content Hub that organizations can use to do mass importing of data into the platform (see the blog post entitled, “Sitecore Content Hub Migration: What you need to know” for a closer look), but these tools and the help offered by the good folks at Sitecore Professional Services come with some fine print limitations.

Content migration at scale is more complicated than you may think. Get experienced help.

Migration at Scale

The volume, complex metadata structures, and interdependencies of the content that typifies enterprise content management scenarios introduces several challenges that teams, and partners may not anticipate. This is to be expected; after all, content migration on this level is something that most of us will hopefully only do a handful of times in our careers.

Expert Migration Services for Sitecore Customers & Partners

You are not alone; expert, experienced help is just a call away. Whether you’re a Sitecore Customer, Agency or another Sitecore Partner, you can call on Konabos’ team to help you navigate the complexities of your migration to help you get there faster, cheaper and with less risk of missing important considerations.


Eliminate Risk

The task of content migration can be complicated and laborious. With the right tools (and experience), the content that has been carefully built up and cultivated over time can be transferred to the Sitecore Content Hub efficiently in a cost effective manner.

Faster Time to Market

Time is money. After making the decision to migrate content, the process should be done as quickly and efficiently as possible to uphold brand cohesion, maintain the organization’s forward momentum, and minimize resources required to get the job done. With plenty of migration projects under our belt, we have refined and perfected the migration process to ensure our clients’ content is live as quickly as possible.

Lower Costs

Resources spent on homespun content migration strategies can get out of hand very quickly, due largely to unforeseen hurdles that will arise during the process. Therefore, it is critical to partner with experienced teams who have been through the process numerous times, who will work alongside you to develop insights and create a roadmap tailored to your specific needs.

How does the Sitecore Content Hub Data Migration Work?


Konabos works with Sitecore Customer, Partners and Sitecore Professional Services to help plan and manage complex content, product, and asset migration scenarios at scale.

Analysis & Design

In the analysis and design phases our Content Hub Specialized Analysts and Architects will conduct a thorough analysis of the content, products, and assets across your organization’s siloed repositories, and will work with stakeholders to design a solution utilizing our platform that’s just right for your team’s present and future.

Automation Scripting

We will create migration scripts for your specific scenario, leveraging our field-tested, advanced Azure Function Apps library, migrating content, and updating references in dependent systems automatically in most cases.

Post-Migration Content Validation & Tweaks

Once your content has been migrated, we will validate the elements brought over via automation scripts and will work with your content team to lead them through the process of any post-migration content tweaks that may be required.

Get Started

While migrating massive content portfolios might sound like a scary process, with the right tools and the right people at your side, it is straightforward. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel when it comes to content migration. Konabos’ experts have refined and perfected the process with numerous clients, and we are ready to help you get the job done.

By leveraging our cutting edge tech, extracting data from systems such as Sitecore CMS, SAP, Salesforce, PIM, and legacy systems and pulling it back into the Sitecore Content Hub is much simpler than many clients may realize.

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