Paid Advertising 

Paid Advertising 

Paid Advertising is an effective way to address time-sensitive visibility and conversion requirements. Strategic Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns can help you boost your visibility, initiate meaningful conversations, and attract more customers at an optimized acquisition cost. The Konabos Pay Per Click Advertising team includes copywriters, analytics, and digital customer acquisition specialists with experience in PPC consulting and digital advertisement management. We will focus on lining up a steady flow of relevant leads online, giving you the time to focus on serving customers.

We manage PPC campaigns on:

  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads / Bing Ads)

  • Social Networks (Facebook Ads / Instagram Ads / LinkedIn Ads / Tik Tok Ads / YouTube Ads)

Our Paid Advertising Services Include:

  • Campaign Audits (Copy & Funnel Optimization)

  • Keyword Research

  • Ad Copy and Design

  • Funnel Design and Optimization

  • Landing Page Design

  • Remarketing / Retargeting

  • PPC Consulting and Reporting

Our Paid Advertising Services will help you:

  • Achieve Faster Results

  • Attract More Customers

  • Get More Leads

  • Optimize Customer Acquisition Cost

  • Boost Your Website Traffic

  • Boost Brand Awareness

  • Increase Your Conversion and Revenue

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