Data Governance and Privacy Compliance

Data Governance and Privacy Compliance

The laws and local requirements for data governance are always changing. We have a team of compliance and data security specialists at Konabos Consulting that can help ensure that your website meets the current regional regulations and is designed to fulfill your customer’s privacy needs. Through ZipComply, a Konabos subsidiary, and our partnership with OneTrust, we will help you build consumer trust and ensure that your organization is compliant with consumer privacy laws. We’re here to help your consumers feel secure.

CCPA Compliance Concierge

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Assembly Bill 375 (AB 375) empowers California residents by enabling them to request their personal information that is saved by any company serving California residents. If the CCPA is violated, consumers are within their legal rights to hold the company accountable, which may result in a lawsuit and/or fine(s).

Through ZipComply’s CCPA Concierge service, consumers are provided with an easily accessible way to make data subject requests (requests for personal information). Each of your website domains is monitored by our customer service concierge team through a dedicated toll-free phone line and an email inbox. Our compliance experts are with you every step of the way to develop a plan on how, as an organization, you can satisfy data subject requests and efficiently maintain compliance records and reports.

Data Governance

Proper data governance is integral for businesses that have a presence and operate a website online. Through a thorough audit of a company’s internal process of handling consumer information, we will analyze how a company stores and uses its consumer information. Our audit will help to reveal any compliance gaps and our team will implement solutions to fix them. We can also update your Privacy Policy and Data Retention Policy to meet the current regulations.

Cookie Compliance

Cookies allow companies to gain insight on visitors to their website and provide a better user experience online. To meet privacy regulations, any business that stores information must disclose how they are keeping information and how it is used. ZipComply provides a robust cookie compliance solution that meets the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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