Composable DXP Design And Implementation Services

Composable DXP Design And Implementation Services

“Application leaders can not meet market needs or business objectives with monolithic digital experience platforms and must update tech stacks, decompose monoliths and deliver task-oriented capabilities. To future-proof the stack, a composable DXP must be used to deliver composable user experiences.”  ~ Gartner 

Composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) approaches are those that utilize a microservice based architecture and Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies to build out a much more modular and flexible platform than would is achievable using conventional monolithic approaches.  The result is an agile DCX platform that reduces infrastructure costs and delivers best-of-breed capabilities while preventing vendor lock. 

Composable Jamstack DXP Building Blocks 

Konabos is at the forefront as the Digital Customer Experience (DCX) space shifts towards Composable DXP and towards Jamstack DXP approaches.   

The “JAM” in Jamstack stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup, but the specific technologies are less important than the architectural principal: one that is focused on the abstraction of what Gartner Calls “Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs)” via dedicated micro-service modules. Each module in a Composable DXP implements specific PBC.  The diagram above illustrates the different modules in a typical Composable Jamstack DXP stack. 

Featured DXP Stack Partners 

At the heart of every Composable Jamstack DXP is a headless content platform. Konabos specialized in delivery using three of the industries leading headless content platforms: 

Kentico Kontent 

Kentico Kontent is a recognized headless CMS leader that has the unique distinction of featuring Web Spotlight, a WYSIWYG editor that enables content managers to preview the visual representation of the content pages they are working on, something that is not typically supported in most headless content platforms.   

Konabos is proud to be a Kontent Advanced Partner. 


Contentful is a leading enterprise headless CMS provider that helps business structure and manage content and scale it across multiple channels and platforms. This revolutionary solution has simplified several different processes and eliminated the need for multiple siloed systems. Your team of content creators and developers can now collaborate closely to ensure customers are always interacting with the latest version of your brand experience. 

Sitecore Content Hub 

Sitecore Content Hub helps organizations solve the content crisis by offering a remarkably versatile platform that provides best-of-breed Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM), while empowering the planning and orchestration of the entire content lifecycle and content marketing campaigns via its cutting-edge Content Marketing Platform (CMP) and Marketing Resource Management (MRM) capabilities. 

Konabos is proud to be a Sitecore Content Hub Specialised Partner 


Uniform powers organizations to deliver lightning-fast personalization on the edge at global scale. This enables Konabos customers to deliver personalized content without being penalized by search engines. The brilliance of Uniform’s architecture is that personalization calls need not return to the origin—the source of the content—but can happen on the edge and can be seamlessly integrated with powerful analytical tools like Google Analytics, while still enabling disconnected roundtrip communication with origin-based CDPs and monolith DXPs like Sitecore XP. 

Digital Experience Stacks to Unleash Your Strategic Agility 

Learn more about the benefits of a Composable Jamstack DXP based on Contentful in the “Digital Experience Stacks to Unleash Your Strategic Agility” webinar with principals from Contentful, Uniform, and Konabos.

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