What is Jamstack and how does Jamstack affect your web development?

What is Jamstack and how does Jamstack affect your web development?

Jamstack is an architecture based on JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. Jamstack is designed to make web applications faster, secure, scalable, performant among other advantages. Jamstack is not a specific technology. You can choose from a huge variety of tools to build your sites on the Jamstack architecture.

J is for JavaScript

JavaScript runs on the user’s browser to provide dynamic functionality. JavaScript has been around since the early days of the web back in the late 1990’s. JavaScript isn’t anything new. Over the year’s browsers evolved along with web technologies, so did JavaScript. The modern JavaScript is powerful. There are many JavaScript frameworks available, each with its own strengths.

A is for APIs

API stands for Application Programming Interface. API is a technology that defines how applications interact with each other. APIs are data contracts between application and can perform actions on the data coming in and out. APIs are not a new concept either but like other web technologies, APIs have evolved. Several standards have pushed APIs to be efficient and effective in all types of applications. APIs are responsible for server-side processing. Many vendors provide headless CMS, headless commerce, Digital Asset Management functionalities via APIs.

M is for Markup

Markup could be a combination of HTML, XML, JSON, and other formats to render a web application. Markup has been there since the beginning of the web page. Over the years Markup has evolved as well. In a Jamstack, the goal is to pre render the Markup ahead of time and push to Content Delivery Networks (CDN) so that your site is blazing fast.

How does Jamstack affect your web development?

Jamstack architecture has many benefits to building web applications. It provides security, scalability, performance, maintainability, great developer experience, among others.

Some Benefits of Jamstack


In modern website age, how fast your page loads across the globe makes a huge difference in customer experience. Static sites using Jamstack load in milliseconds and much faster compared to the other websites. This affects your search engine rankings, user experience and conversions on your website. With Jamstack you can provide the same performance for your website users across the world at a fraction of the cost and without using complex infrastructure.

Cost Effective

Jamstack is cost effective as it uses less infrastructure while delivery performance, security, and scalability. Jamstack is not as expensive as some of the monolith systems. Hosting using the Jamstack architecture is inexpensive.

Infrastructure cost for a typical Jamstack website compared to a monolith application website is cheaper. Jamstack sites are basically static sites. Typical hosting of a website includes multiple environments (development, QA, User Acceptance Testing, Production).


Jamstack streamlines your web from development to hosting which results in less infrastructure. Since the websites are static with dynamic content coming from the APIs, it reduces attacks. You do not have to worry about server vulnerabilities. The decoupled and modular architecture is effective in lowering the vulnerabilities and security attacks. Security flaws in the frontend will not mean a security flaw in the backend. Many Jamstack operations are read only reducing leading to fewer attacks.

UX Design

One of the major benefits of Jamstack is the separation of concern. This allows us to build the best possible UX without having to worry about the backend. This would enable us to deliver the best user experience. Let the UX resources to use the tools they are most comfortable with to build the sites.

Developer Experience

Jamstack enables developers to develop faster with an amazing developer experience. Development does not depend on proprietary technologies. Jamstack can be used to build quick prototypes. Jamstack lets your team build websites with technologies they are comfortable with.

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