Solved - Sitecore Commerce Minions recycles/resets every 20 minutes

Solved - Sitecore Commerce Minions recycles/resets every 20 minutes

This is a quick post, and I am hoping that it can help others who are searching for similar fixes. While working with a huge commerce implementation, I ran into an issue where the Sitecore Commerce Minion was timing out and recycling itself every 20 minutes. This meant that the Import I was running restarted every 20 minutes.

I tried cleaning up the environment, I removed AdventureWorks and Habitat environments, but nothing helped. I happened to look at the application pool for the Commerce Minions role and found that even though the .NET Core process was busy importing, due to the default setting of the Idle Time-out, it recycled it.

20 Minute Time Out: Sitecore Commerce Minions recycles/resets

By default, the Start Mode is set to AlwaysRunning, which is correct. When the AlwaysRunning is true, the Idle Time-out should be 0 (Zero) so that it can ignore it. Once the setting was fixed, my Minions are very happy.

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